These funnies are brought to you by teenage son traveller, who has an eye for the funny and weird. He is a teenager, after all. 😉

  • At one of the hotels’ breakfast buffet, there was a Japanese family ahead of us. When one of the little kids turned around and saw us, he jumped back, looking afraid and worried, which made us feel like Godzilla
  • A very nice guy helped us navigate the subway ticket machine and gates at the Kyoto station. Thanks random guy!
  • We stopped counting those who came forward to help us (holding a map and pointing in two directions at once will summon the super-helpful Japanese folks)
  • Saw a gas station where the pumps come from the ceiling
  • Did you know that when you buy a piece of chocolate cake at a department store (Daimaru), they will wrap it with two layers of paper and put it in a beautiful box, then wrap the box and put it in a bag?
  • Used giant stones to skip across the Kamo river in Kyoto
  • Drank nectar of the gods, Ramune, also known as Pure Sugar With Some Water to Make it Liquidy
  • I ate raw egg today. With soy sauce and cold noodles. I want a burger.
  • There’s a talent show on right now and one of the contestants has a puppet of himself that sings…I don’t know what to think.
  • Japanese girls have voices so high they drill through your brain.
  • Milk tastes funny.
  • There’s a video game in the Sega building that’s called Melty Blood…!!!

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