Let’s Get Physical!

When they say to get to the Asakusa Senso-ji early, they mean it. We got there at 10:30 and look what was waiting for us…15,000 of our closest friends. Son turned to me with that pleading look “don’t make me go there!!!!!” Did I listen? Of course not. I’m a bad mom. I made him walk the whole thing, back and forth. But, dude! It was the lantern festival, where vendors cry their fine, fine wares, which in our case was pots and pots of these lovely little ground cherries. Each pot went for about 1050Yens, so, what, 14$ CAD. It would have been a LOT nicer if there hadn’t been such a dense crowd. But with the sun shining and the beautiful colours all around, who can complain.

And now for pictures!

At the thunder gate, with Fujin the god of wind and Raijin the god of thunder on either side. We were well protected.

One of the vendors crying her ware. I didn’t feel comfortable taking of photo of her while she worked (even though 50 others had done just that), but after I motioned for my camera, she nodded graciously. Japanese people are so courteous and patient.

Aren’t they beautiful? They’re the exact orange/red as the thousand torii in Kyoto.

My roof fetish again.

Then we had a ramune drink, which is the most fun you’ll have drinking a sugary concoction. Mine was acid green, son’s was electric blue. Both were made of pure SUGAR!

After the crush of the Senso-ji temple, we cooled off in nearby Ueno park, where we had McDonald’s sitting on a giant stone along a shaded path. Niiiiice.

Nature knows what she’s doing.

Of course, what day is complete without the naked old man. How come, you ask? Well, as we walked, an old man dropped his pants and started looking around inside his drawers for only god knows what. Son and I didn’t run away, but we walked by really, really fast. And when we came to the temple’s purification station, we both rinsed our hands twice. I just wish I could have rinsed my eyeballs, too.


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