Corners and Angles

Today was all about architecture. Son had noted a few buildings that he wanted to see, and this is what we did all morning. We wandered along Omote Sando avenue from the Harajuku ward and into Shibuya ward, where we crossed the infamous Shibuya Scramble. We have to say, it must have been a slow day because that crossing was like any other busy crossing in Japan. Maybe it’s busier on certain days, or at night (with the neon signs, it must be prettier, too). We didn’t even think of stopping for a quick visit to see the pooch statue, whose story just breaks my little heart. Then there was shopping for shoes. Son happily made off with a pair of shoes we couldn’t find back home.

Oh, the vending machine! We’ve been seeing vending machines all over, but there’s a certain type that’s drawing quite a bit of attention, even from the Japanese. They’re giant touch screen machines, as tall and wide as a restaurant fridge, and as you put your money, the photos of the items inside start glowing. It’s pretty damn cool!

Look at the shiny. Ooooh.

I didn’t even know the UN had a university!

We were so busy looking up at the buildings that we almost missed this wonderful fountain. Its little “river” flowed all the way down the street and passed under every store threshold. Super cute and quite cooling in the sweltering heat. 31 without the humidity. AND sun.

The Shibuya Scramble during the red light.

And then the light turned green. It’s not so bad, I even see some empty spots in between pedestrians!

Unrelated to architecture or street crossings, but important to us nonetheless. This drink, we will sorely, sorely miss. It’s called Suntory and son and I pray there’s some back home. Maybe at the giant Asian food market that opened not far from home. Please, gods of lemonade and all things sweet and good, please, let there be some Suntory in Canada.


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