Bucket List Item

There is now one fewer item on my bucket list. I ate sushi off a conveyor belt in Tokyo, and it was glorious. And cheap. We ate our fill of sushi and each had a drink for a total of 1100¥ (about 12$ CAD).

For those planning to ever visit Tokyo, I suggest to not try to see everything that is on tourist lists. The Top Tens, the Best Ofs, the Must Sees…they will only drive you mad. You will walk all day and see wonderful things, yet you will feel as if you’re missing out because you didn’t do #12 on the Don’t Miss List of some biased travel writer. Just walk around and soak in the sights. That’s what we’re doing and it’s much less stressful.

Son is currently hogging all the bandwidth gaming, but as soon as I can, I’ll post pictures of today’s adventures (including one involving a vending machine). In the mean time, here is a quick video of the amazing invention that is KAITEN SUSHI (you have to use your Iron Chef voice to say it right). The video is not ours because I didn’t dare. Our chefs were crusty old men who slapped the plates down and yelled at each other. Plus, I didn’t want to anger the shinto raccoon god with the big testicles (I kid you not, Google it; it will be the funniest combination of words…raccoon, god, balls). You’re welcome.


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