The A-Dome

That is what we have in our hotel window right now. Makes me sad. Hiroshima obviously doesn’t dwell on its painful past, but visiting the Peace Museum and seeing tricycles bent and melted makes me wish some things had not come to pass. Human folly, eh. As a species, we are so screwed.

One of Hiroshima’s survivors was a little girl named Sadako. Read her story here and about this monument to her name. Brought tears to my eyes.

Connection is misbehaving. Pictures of our 26km-long bike ride along the Shimanami Kaido will be coming later. My butt and knees are so sore.

UPDATE (photos, finally!)

Along the bike ride, deserted farms, abandoned houses and flattened corn. Proof that Godzilla exists?

The actual madness in map form, all 75kms of it. We did 26 and it was plenty.


2 thoughts on “The A-Dome

  1. Salut mes globe-trotters, pas trop fatiguées.Vous êtes sûrement des ”trigger-happy” avec la cam, comme les Japonais qu’on voit ici à Québec HI HI HI.Ici c’est la fête du Canada ici et ”ça fête pas fort”.
    Allez, tous le monde en rend on continu la visite.Bonne vacance à vous deux

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