No Outlet

Sorry we missed a day.

We spent a good chunk of yesterday cooking. Indeed! We had booked ourselves with Haru Japanese cooking class (we found them through Tripadvisor). What a treat! I highly recommend it to anyone. Did you know tofu is made from soy milk and a Super Secret Ingredient named…erm…I forgot! Anyway. You boil the milk in water with The Secret Ingredient, then it bonds and forms tofu. Like magic!

Last night, we stayed at a lovely, lovely ryokan named Shiraume. It was so lovely that we kind of took a day off to relax and put our feet up. You should have seen the breakfast of champions we were served (in our bedroom, thank you very much). We felt like royalty.

Today was not as relaxing. First, we decided to stay one night longer in Kyoto instead of heading for Hiroshima (sorry, Hiroshima, I’m sure you’re great and we’ll see you tomorrow but our love story with Kyoto could not end today). Second, it was 30,000 degrees. In the shade, man. In the shade. Of course, that’s the day we chose to hike up a hill, along with 10,000 of our closest friends. But what a sight it was. Check this out:

The stuff of magazine covers!


I’m starting to think I have a roof fetish…

And of course, what visit to Kyoto would be complete without a sighting of the famous Headless Ducks? We stayed a good 2 hours, just sitting by the river Kamo (splits the city north/south and is amazing at helping lost tourists, just sayin’) and it was amazing. Until the eagles came and started to dive-bomb the cranes and pigeons. Then it wasn’t so much fun anymore.


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