Red Eyes

Adult female traveller’s mood: tired

Teenage son traveller’s mood: asleep, if that counts

Our first morning. One o’clock qualifies as morning, right…?

I broke my cardinal rule about jetlag:

Thou shalt not go to bed too early

I should have known going to bed at 7pm would come bite me in the butt. But we were so tired!

As I (uncreepily) watch son rest in blissful sleep, I think about the day ahead. He doesn’t know we’re about to spend 6 hours visiting temples and other old things in Kyoto. So I let him rest, for now. Mwa ha haaaa!

The arrival to the airport was eventless and smooth. For 6480Y (about 85$), we have a nice, big room for the night, free internet, supper and next-morning breakfast for two people. Not bad at all. The hotel is older and a bit tired, but meticulously clean. They even provide you with pyjamas from a cabinet in the lobby (it’s a tall cabinet with some sort of ultraviolet light inside…looks like a giant wine cooler). Also, when we walked in, the first thing we saw were four vending machines along the far wall. With a squee, we both rushed to them and lovingly ran our hands over their shiny surfaces. Our preciousssss. I’ll try to find a way to upload pictures from the Playbook to the blog. So far, the files are so big, the connection times out. But fear not, there is a teenager, surely he can figure this out.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go do a recce mission and see if I can’t find some snacks to bring back to our lair.

UPDATE: Pictures! Finally!

Son in his hotel pyjamas on video chat with dad and showing the various nifty things there are in our room, such as the old-school light controls (“with DIALS, dad, like the old times!” Teens…

Two drinks we will never, ever, ever buy again. Not to our taste, eh. I thought son was being a diva when he took a sip and when “arghhhhh”. Then I took one…My jaw nearly locked. BITTER!