Adult female traveller’s mood: elated

Teenage son traveller’s mood: positively impatient

Countdown: 2 sleeps

Finally, the clothes. Because if we’re leaving for a foreign country
for three weeks with a 20L backpack and a whole lot of bushy-tailed
enthusiasm, we need to pack the right kind of clothes. If we pack the
wrong kind or not enough versatile clothes and we walk around smelling
like days-old socks with suspect-looking armpits, we won’t be making
new friends nor will we be asked to represent our fine country that is
Canada, that’s for sure. It’s all about the ’pits, man!

Let the clothes goodness commence!

Three short tops
One long, warm top
One rain jacket

One pair of pants
One pair of shorts
One swimsuit that doubles as shorts

Hiking shoes on our feet
Lighter shoes/sandals in the pack

As seen here

Three pairs of underwear
Three pairs of socks (one nice, one sporty, one longer/thicker hiking)
Scarf for adult female traveller
Handkerchief for teenage son traveller (he doesn’t know about it yet *evil grin*
Assorted electronics
Travel book, maps, documents

When you factor in the stuff we’ll be wearing on ourselves to fly (all the long stuff and heavier shoes), there’s room to switch things around when we land in Japan. Plus, we’ll either be in or around trains and stations half the time. We don’t need to lug heavy luggage around.

Hey, this light-packing thing is perfect for lazy people like me!

N.B. Pile to the left belongs to adult female traveller. Closed bag to the right belongs to teenage son traveller. We need to tweak certain things, but this is what it’s going to look like, pretty much.


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