And Now, the Toiletries Bag!

Adult female traveller’s mood: dishevelled (I know, I know, it’s not a mood…but it fits)

Teenage son traveller’s mood: hard to say…teenage boys are a different species than humans, didn’t you know?

Ok, the toiletries bag.

As you can see, it’s a good size at about 30cm open flat. Some stuff won’t go in the bag (sunscreen, toilet paper and mini first aid kit, I’m looking at you). The rest is the usual list of suspects: tootbrushes/toothpaste, ear plugs, mini flashlights such as these (I SO did not pay 9 pounds for these…about 3$ CAD each at Mountain Equipment Coop), and a homemade clothes line because I’m too cheap to buy the one that Rick Steves makes. Notice I didn’t include a razor. Not because I have something against them or live au naturel with a fine pelt on my legs, but because I’m sure the security dudes won’t like finding blades in my pack. So a razor and anything else I absolutely need, I’ll buy on the other side. Also note the fine, fine homemade hand sanitizer my good friend made (thanks A) and which smells of lavender and apricot. I’ll think of her every time I use it. I’m spoiled!

Tomorrow, the clothes!


3 thoughts on “And Now, the Toiletries Bag!

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