The Bag

Adult female traveller’s mood: elated and anxious

Teenage son traveller’s mood: slow realization he will eat fish for 3 weeks. Every. Single. Day. For breakfast, too.

Countdown: 5 sleeps

This blog is all about travelling light. Or the hopes of it, anyway. Who knows if we’ll achieve our goal of spending 3 weeks in Japan with one bag each. Maybe we’ll fail miserably. Or maybe we’ll start giving our meager possessions away so we can travel freer than air with only the clothes on our back.

Yeah, right.


But back to the bag. Son and I each have one of these. It’s 20L, weighs next to nothing (520g, according to the manufacturer) and resists rain enough to make it a good companion. In this 20L bag (see here for handy chart of backpacks capacity, because let’s face it, when you say, “oh, my backpack is a 20L”, people look at you funny), we’ll each have 2 bottoms, 3 tops, 3 pairs of underwear and socks, a rain jacket, a sun hat, accessories and toiletries. Plus the odd electronic gadget and maps, etc. I haven’t weighed the finished pack yet but guesstimate between 5-8kgs/10-15lbs.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll start posting pictures of the actual packing process. I won’t touch the soap again though.

Oh, and here’s a marvelous travel blog (click on Japan) I found. Spent a good hour browsing through it. Pretty.


2 thoughts on “The Bag

  1. Did you notice that on the bag’s website, it said that efficient packers can make due with a 20L bag for a ‘1-2 night trip’….!!!!????? Just saying.

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