They Meant It

Adult female traveller’s mood: oh-my-god-I-have-nothing-to-weeeeeear

Teenage son traveller’s mood: cool as a cucumber

Countdown: 6 sleeps

For our upcoming trip to Japan (in which I will endeavour to bring one bag, and one bag only), we discovered the fun of ultralight packing essentials. Things like Tide little soap packets (no bigger than packets of sugar!), or packing cubes, of which I have a pair, or, joy-of-joy, the amazing Gear Aid’s Smart Suds Camper Soap. I tried it this morning in the bathroom sink. I even read the (short) instructions. It said “put 1 drop”. Cute little bottle like that, 1 drop can’t be enough. How ’bout I put 2. Or even 3-4-5!

You can see where this is going…

ImageMoral of this story: follow the instructions.


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