9 Sleeps to Japan

Countdown: 9 days
Travelers’ mood: quietly excited
State of packing: starting to not wear pieces intended for the trip

Have you ever had a place that was dear to your heart even though you had never been, didn’t know anybody who had (until recently), and from which you lived half a world away? For me, that place is Japan. I have always felt drawn to this land, always had a deep appreciation for its culture and history. I read my dad’s worn-to-shreds copy of Sho-gun when I was 12 or 13. Yes, that’s kind of nerdish. But that’s me! So after years of longing and raiding the bookstores and libraries, I am finally going to Japan. What’s more, my son is coming with me, which makes it all the more fun. Awesomesauce with a side of squeee, as my friend would say. Enter, this blog. It’s not only a countdown or a list of what I intend to bring in my one bag, it will hopefully be a place where I can (try to) put into words my son and my adventure to the Land of the Rising Sun. Let the packing begin!


2 thoughts on “9 Sleeps to Japan

    • 🙂 There’s another post coming in a few minutes. Whenever I figure how to wipe the mess I made with my brand new camping soap I bought. More to follow!

      6 sleeps!

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